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#1 2020-06-19 19:39:12

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Freeze spike happening very randomly

I'm playing Overwatch via lutris/proton (with esync), on nvidia + intel.
Most of the time everything runs totally fine at 144fps gsync.
But like every 20 minutes or so there will be one heavy freeze spike, where sound/music and actually the game action will continue to proceed normally, but the picture is frozen for like 4 seconds or so.
After that everything continues to run totally fine again until next spike.
The 20 minutes is just an estimate from "feeling", it seems pretty random and I haven't timed it.
This stuff has started somewhat recently, like maybe a few weeks ago. Before that this never happened.
I have no idea how to go on finding out what is causing this. Any ideas?

- It seems to occur much less frequently when closing any web browser (probably due to graphical load they add).
- It might cease completely (even with web browsers, video players and whatnot active at the same time) if the gl-renderer is set to dedicated GPU (eg NVidia) instead of software (LLVM), which it wrongly was on my system. This fixed it so far for me even if I run a bunch of stuff in parallel. "glxinfo | grep OpenGL" to check/verify.

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#2 2020-06-29 12:24:14

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Re: Freeze spike happening very randomly

Unfortunately it hasn't ceased. In fact, if I have a browser open with just 8 tabs, nothing special, on a high-end machine the freeze spikes will occur in-game again. D: Even with correct (NV) gl-renderer active.

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Re: Freeze spike happening very randomly

I'm no expert, but I can recognize a post without enough data when I see one, you should edit your post:

  • Make sure to note any changes to your system, that's if you updated your machine or made any changes related to the issue near the time the issue started.

  • Note any changes to your drivers and especially the software(lutris/proton, steam etc..).

  • Give more information about your system and specs, like your kernel version, desktop environment, nvidia driver type(open-source/propriety and version), vulkan version, multi-monitor setup etc..

  • Show any logs related to the issue, monitoring software data might help considerably.

  • If this is a lutris/proton issue, you should both post a thread there and check if anyone suffers from the same issue.

  • A recent game change, whether by you or the developers might've caused this issue.

Providing data to help with a problem is step 1 in getting help.

NOTE: I'm no expert, just what I would think in your case
Besides all of the above, GPU load seems to be key here, sound and game action are mostly CPU related(unless you enabled CPU offloading somewhere)
while a browser with a few tabs on a high-end system shouldn't harm, if those tabs play any video you should expect some performance issues, especially with a multi-monitor setup.
RAM and VRAM(GPU) should also be monitored, your VRAM might be exhausted at some points and that's why you freeze most likely.
Other reasons could be software issues, CPU schedule issues, driver issues...

Monitoring sources: … us-on.html

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