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#1 2020-08-04 00:16:15

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Silent Boot, very, very silent


i stumbled through the source of systemd/udev and fsck/f2fs to figure out how to get a silent boot, because with "quiet" fsck prints still messages, so does udev. After all i tinkered with the init-script to redirect stdout to /dev/null. Unfortunatly udev uses /dev/console directly to bypass any tricks.


I simply added "console=tty2" to my kernel parameters. All boot messages are now printed behind the scene. And, when the display manager kicks in, i get my sddm login-window.

Now when i boot, my hp-logo comes up, then my sddm shows up, nothing else. Thats nice! My total boot-time with efistub is now 4 seconds.

My Question:

Can anybody doublecheck this? I'd like to add this to the wiki, but it better be checked, dont want to trash someones configuration



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Re: Silent Boot, very, very silent

It's mentioned at … ole#Kernel but if you think it'd be valuable to be crossposted on the silent boot page, add a comment to that page's talk page

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