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#1 2020-08-16 22:54:13

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nvidia and broadcom-wl patches for Linux 5.9-rc1

Some patches that allow some popular kernel modules to build and run on Linux 5.9-rc1.

I don't really have anywhere better to post them so I'm just posting them here in case they can save someone some time or trouble for those who like using the latest linux-mainline kernel. I've been running them the past few days and I've observed no problems so far.

NVIDIA (nvidia-dkms) - Read the comment on top! you will need to work around the license problem / proprietary module taint yourself if you want
Broadcom wireless (broadcom-wl-dkms)


#2 2020-08-17 00:21:06

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Re: nvidia and broadcom-wl patches for Linux 5.9-rc1

The nvidia changes should be getting handled on nvidia's side, ideally, and probably will be before the official kernel release.

broadcom is as always dead upstream, so that patch could/should be added on the side of arch packaging. Though it probably won't be, until closer to 5.9 release.

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