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#1 2020-08-22 14:54:43

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Desktop goes crazy after updating to 5.8.2 Kernel

Ever since I updated to 5.8.2 series Kernel, my desktop make crazy noise and the temperature goes up to 80.0°C. My system has never passed 55.0°C in the past. Now, it is super hot and the fan is spinning like crazy. Anyone else facing the same issue or is it just for me?


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Re: Desktop goes crazy after updating to 5.8.2 Kernel

I´ve tried both the archkernel and some third party kernels incl. my own custom kernel.
I haven´t had any issues as of yet.

What kind of hardware are you using..cpu, motherboard, cooling e.t.c ?
What kind of software are you using to monitor your system ?
In what type of situations/workloads are you experiencing this behavior ?

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