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Intel NUC Can't Find a Bootable Installation.

I have a fairly old NUC which has run Arch and booted OK in the past. I decided to re-install Arch from scratch. I am using a GPT partitioned drive with a 2 Mbyte BIOS boot partition created using fdisk. The rest of the drive is formatted as ext4. This arrangement working OK before. I have installed GRUB and created a configuration file. However, when I try to boot the BIOS complains it can't find a bootable partition. I have completely reset the BIOS and reconfigured it to boot from the SSD. I have also made sure that the SSD is listed first in the list of possible boot items and that the BIOS is configured for GPT not UEFI.

If I go into the "Select boot drive" option by pressing F10 at startup the SSD is the top of the possible bootable boot options and if I hit Return the system boots OK. I have a feeling I have messed some very simple option, but can't work out what it is!

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