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#1 2019-10-08 10:40:18

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2 questions about Emoji's in dunst

This is what my dunst notification with emoji's looks like:

This is how I set the font in dunstrc:

font = Monospace 8, Noto Color Emoji 8

This is also the only thing I have changed in dunstrc.

1) Is it possible to make only the emoji's larger, without the text around it getting larger?
If I set the size for Noto Color Emoji larger, all text will be larger, not only the emoji's.

2) For some reason, numbers in notifications automatically become emoji's as shown in the screenshot (10 Year...). Is it possible to stop this from happening?

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#2 2020-09-05 13:23:53

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Re: 2 questions about Emoji's in dunst

You might want to look through the issues in the official repository, it has been reported.

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#3 2020-09-05 14:07:24

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Re: 2 questions about Emoji's in dunst

As this topic is almost a year old, and the OP has not been here since March, I am closing this now. teunissenstefan, if you come back and want to revisit this topic, please use the Report link.


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