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Builtin speakers go crazy after unplugging 3.5mm jack

I have this weird issue where the builtin speakers work fine until I plug something into the 3.5mm jack and unplug it. The audio jack output is fine, but after unplugging it, the builtin speakers start sounding very scratchy and crackly. I guess I can only describe it as feeling like the diaphragm is damaged. I am guessing this has to do something with sample rate, as I had a similar but much less intense audio quality issue happen ALL the time on both the builtin speakers and the audio jack, which I fixed by setting the sample rate to 48kHz from 44.1. This happens on a "fresh" arch install with just KDE Plasma installed, so I think this is a pulseaudio or alsa issue. I get no such issues on my dual booted windows 10. Also, if it matters, the laptop's model is Asus ROG GL504GS.


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