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#1 2020-08-08 16:56:20

Stewart Little
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X Rebirth can't run - Shader error message

I'm getting an error message when trying to run X Rebirth on steam it states the following:

A fatal error has occurred and X cannot recover:
Shader::Compile(tag.f) '0(612)  : error C0151: EOF inside comment'

Version: 4.30 - Code revision 254587

Please inform EGOSOFT GmbH technical support

Does anyone know why this appears and how to fix it? I've tried this game on the Ubuntu system when it was installed and it didn't had this problem but it seems to be only occurring on Arch Linux. I've tried googling the problem even searching the Arch forum for this particular game with the exact error message but my searches have come out blank or comes up with a total different answer. Could anyone with experience help? I'm using steam-runtime and tried it with steam-native but the error still appears I'm using the latest nvidia drivers.

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#2 2020-08-09 10:15:35

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Re: X Rebirth can't run - Shader error message

Perhaps a question better directed at EGOSOFT?


#3 2020-09-08 13:17:39

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Re: X Rebirth can't run - Shader error message

Try this with .../steamapps/common/X Rebirth/shadergl/shaders/common.fh:

--- ./common.fh.orig
+++ ./common.fh

@@ -574 +574 @@
-       /*      OUT_COLOR.rgb *= 0.0001; OUT_COLOR.rgb += half3(specstr);/**/   \
+       /*      OUT_COLOR.rgb *= 0.0001; OUT_COLOR.rgb += half3(specstr);*/     \

@@ -622 +622 @@
-       /*      OUT_COLOR.rgb *= 0.0001; OUT_COLOR.rgb += 10;/**/       \
+       /*      OUT_COLOR.rgb *= 0.0001; OUT_COLOR.rgb += 10;*/ \

Apparently, the compiler from the latest drivers is no longer condescending to such errors.


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