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#1 2020-09-09 06:00:56

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Chromium 85 stuttering and freezing


Chromium version 85.0.4183.102-1 stutters and lags whenever I attempt to create a new browser window (not tab), or whenever i drag and drop an existing tab to detach it.
This new chromium window stutters, freezes and lags, whenever I create a new tab on it as well.

The behavior does not appear in Chromium version and before.

I have these flags in




Removing them one-by one or all of them doesn't change the browser's behavior at all.

I am also aware of this Intel Graphics but it doesn't help either.

As a workaround, I have currently added chromium at


Anyone knows what to do to resolve this?


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Re: Chromium 85 stuttering and freezing

I'm using AMD graphics here. I had to add the following to the chromium-flags.conf file to solve graphics problems with the newest Chromium version, maybe try it and see if it alsohelps with your Intel graphics:


I saw this option mentioned in the last two pages of this thread here:

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Re: Chromium 85 stuttering and freezing

Many thanks! I added this option and it resolved the issue indeed!
(There is some brief lag/stutter when you detach a tab to create a new window, but it goes away, nothing compared to what happens without the flag)

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