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#1 2020-09-15 02:35:45

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picom transparency rules

I want termite to be totally transparent while urxvt is 100% opaque, I have the following in my picom.conf

opacity-rule = ["99:class_g = 'URxvt'"];
opacity-rule = ["01:class_g = 'Termite'"];

However when picom restarts it complains about duplicate rules in the config and crashes.

What am I doing wrong?


#2 2020-09-15 05:46:31

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Re: picom transparency rules

man picom wrote:

       --opacity-rule OPACITY:'CONDITION'
           Specify a list of opacity rules, in the format PERCENT:PATTERN, like 50:name *= "Firefox". picom-trans is recommended over this. Note we don’t
           make any guarantee about possible conflicts with other programs that set _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY on frame or client windows.

You're aware that  this will affect the text in termite as well?
Edit: … ansparency

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