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Is there something in Arch Wiki that helps translation?

I would like to help translation and maintaining translated pages, and I have done a little such work so far. However, I really found it bothering to translate because this work is like creating another new page and you have to maintain the tree, those titles and index yourself. Why there isn't something like, say, you click on 'help translation' icon, and then you will be presented a page with two column, the left side is the original article and the right side is the article needs to be modified, and you can translate smoothly without switching between two pages? And even more, such as the new article has an automatically filled structure and you just need to fill in the blanks (a naive idea, maybe). As far as I know, there are many projects carrying out their translation work in this way.


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Re: Is there something in Arch Wiki that helps translation?

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Re: Is there something in Arch Wiki that helps translation?

Sounds to me like you want to have ContentTranslation. Extension:ContentTranslation requires Extension:VisualEditor, neither of which are installed in ArchWiki.

There currently is a discussion about changing the default editor: ArchWiki talk:Maintenance Team#Switch to another editor. VisualEditor is one of the possible options (but not until MediaWiki 1.35 which is supposed to be released soon), but reading the docs, ContentTranslation requires a thing called cxserver. It's very unlikely that ArchWiki will get that. Also I don't know if ContentTranslation even supports the inter-language page naming that ArchWiki uses.

Anyway, discussions about the wiki should generally happen on the wiki.


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