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#1 2020-09-30 19:06:41

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Fastboot and Xiaomi MI A3

Can't normal used fastboot with this phone in Arch, Manjaro.
Other linux(debian, ubuntu..) oc an windows - everything is ok

for example, a simple command to change the fastboot slot:
set_active b
set_active a
and randomly get one of three responses:
1 success
2 error FAILED (remote: 'unknown command') fastboot: error: Command failed
3 fastboot error: error: Device does not support slots

I typed the above command more than 50 times and always randomly one of three

or here again for an example:
I type
fastboot flash **anything** **anything**.img
and everything stops at "Sending *********"
if at this moment you reboot the phone again into the fastboot and immediately type the command again, then the process will go on, but if you wait 10 seconds, then everything is covered with a copper basin

I'll say right away that I tried different kernels, USB ports, changed wires just in case, with and without sudo .. but the result is the same
but fastboot devices always works correctly, shows id when the phone is connected

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#2 2020-10-15 17:03:40

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Re: Fastboot and Xiaomi MI A3

temp solution - used fastboot reboot every time when you was using fastboot command(doing fastboot reboot than quickly copy paste command, example fastboot flash****** or starting sh script)
looks like after 3 second usb port going to sleep and fastboot commands not working

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