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Hdd gets slow when using it as home folder

I have a 128GB SSD and 1 TB hdd. I was going to dual boot arch with windows on ssd. So I copied all my files from home folder into hdd and mounted it at home folder instead of the ssd home partition. But what happens is that when I try to login via sddm, my laptop runs too slow. it takes about a minute to get to the desktop. Every process becomes slow.
I ran hdparm command while ssd is home folder. It gives value of about 20MB/s for first time and then the value increases to ~150 MB/s with next tries.
However when I run hdparm command while hdd is home folder, the value remains at 15-20MB/s.
Here is output of smartctl -a /dev/sda (my hdd):


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Re: Hdd gets slow when using it as home folder

Usage as a home folder (or as an OS disk) involves many small random read operations. This results in the hard drive having to spend a lot of time seeking, which slows it down, and results in the perceived slowness of your computer. This is especially true when logging in, as you have to launch many programs that each have to read a couple configuration files. You get good speed when the hdd is not in use because when it only has to do one sequential read or write, it only has to wait for seeking once, and then it can read or write at the physical speed of the platter. You probably want to set up some portion of your SSD as a cache for your hard drive, so regularly accessed files don't get subjected to seek times. I think LVM can do this.

btw I use Arch


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