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#1 2020-10-15 19:50:33

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One of the USB ports stopped working


I have Thinkpad T460s. I had some issues with wifi, so I bought a Archer AC600 USB wifi dongle and after installing drivers it's working fine. Apart from this USB wifi dongle, I also have a wireless mouse with USB dongle and a keyboard (not wireless, but USB). I was using all of three just fine, but after I wanted to switch USB ports of the wifi dongle and the mouse dongle, the port with the previously mouse dongle simply stopped working entirely. It seems it's simply shut off, as not even BIOS/UEFI recognize an inserted USB stick with Arch installation (while other ports do so).

It really sounds like a hardware issue (the laptop has been heavily used for the last 3 years), but it's really suspicious that it has happened after I installed the new driver for the wifi dongle etc.

Any idea of how I could rule out software issues?


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Re: One of the USB ports stopped working

When all usb devices connected execute these commands and past output pls.

$ lspci -vmk
$ /usr/sbin/lsusb -vt


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