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Nvidia 770 fan constantly ramps up/down

I running an nvidia 770 and recently the fans have been ramping up/down. Just idling at the desktop the gpu temp is showing 33degC and fan speed is variable, between 25 and 30% nothing changes but every 10-15seconds it ramps the fans up to 100% for a second and then drops back down.

The drivers are version 415.18. I have enabled 'coolbits' '4' and in the nvidia-settings panel changing the fan control to manual has no effect, the fan speed continues to be automatic and variable.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?



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Re: Nvidia 770 fan constantly ramps up/down


i have a similar question. I'm running an RTX2070 Nvidia Card. This gpu has 2 fans. When i boot up, i got 1 fan running at normal speed the other fan boosts up and down. nvidia settings show stable values for fan1 at 1500 rpm 41 % speed. However the speed values from the second fan go vom 2000 rpm to 18000 rpm up and down. Setting coolbits to 4 didnt have any effect for getting both fans at a stable rpm rate.

Nvidia driver version would be 455.28.

It seems as if the sensor didnt get the correct rpm signal? Is this a hardware related thing or are there any other reasons with caused this behaviour?

Thanks in advance


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