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Guidance on how to organize NSpawn/Wine/ folder

Prior to deciding to make the jump from Windows to Linux a few months ago, I had signed up for (e2e encryption at a very nice price). Unfortunately they've kept their Linux app on the backburner for 6+ years. Thankfully it works pretty well through Wine, and I was able to get it set up and working quite easily. However, I jumped into Linux with Arch as my first distro despite zero experience in Linux besides one failed attempt to install Linux Mint in a VM, and it's been a little bit bumpy. I've reinstalled a few times, to practice going through the steps and understanding the system layout better, as well as to wipe away noob cruft and mistakes and try out new programs and setups. I have my setup on an LVM on LUKS so once I had the Sync folder on my separate /home LV, reinstalling Wine became pretty low priority as everything besides Firefox has required a decent bit of research.

NSpawn is something that I've been interested in for a bit but haven't messed with until now. Because I want my folder to have it's own dedicated Wine prefix, I figured it would be a good test run of an NSpawn setup, as it's not a security risk if I screw up. I have the NSpawn container setup with Wine, but with the NSpawn container in my ~/ the Sync folder would be about 7 sub directories down and owned by the chroot, or if I make a user in NSpawn, that user. I would prefer to have a ~/directory for the under my ownership but I am unsure about the best way to achieve that. The Sync folder is portable between computers, and so once I install the program I can point it to use the already created one.

So would having ~/Sync and then bindmounting it to the container(named winebox) ~/winebox/~/.wine/drive_c/users/user/Sync be the best way to achieve this? Or are there ownership issues that might arise? As it would need to be active every time the winebox is run I would put bind= in the .nspawn settings file, I think really the only consideration as it's basically a container for one small program.

Or is there some other method with symlinking and/or LV partitions I should be investigating?

Any advice appreciated.

Sorry if this is a bit convoluted I lost what I wrote initially because I was apparently a little too slow in composing it and the forums decided to log me out.


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