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#1 2020-12-11 20:26:28

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Do btrbk pacman hooks already exist? If not, I will help create.

I am switching from snapper and snap-sync to btrbk.

I am currently using snap-pac:

Makes pacman automatically use snapper to create #Pre/post snapshots like openSUSE's YaST. Uses Pacman#Hooks.

I did not find any AUR package for btrbk, but I assume somebody has already created such hooks for btrbk. I want to check before I create them myself (which I would probably do by copying and modifying snap-pac). Does anyone want to collaborate?

Some editorial content (my 2 cents): btrbk is a more robust tool compared to snap-sync. How likely is it that btrbk will be added to the community repo? Of the 4 tools mentioned in Snapper - ArchWiki for "Incremental backup to external drive" I believe the consensus among BTRFS users is that btrbk is the superior tool. In my experience, it can replace both snapper and snap-sync, and do more than those two combined.


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