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RAID HDD Setup advise

Hey guys,

Looking for some advise/opinions around how I can setup a new Dell Precision 5750 with two 1TB hdd. Before this new laptop I have just been running single disks with btrfs setup on top of a luks crpytosetup. But am now wanting some form or RAID1 mirroring for redundancy and possibly even a bit of extra speed.

From reading up about the onboard RAID controller at this point I am not sure if that is supported by the Linux kernel or not (still haven't received the laptop yet). Once I get the system I can have a play with this.

The workloads I run are developer base stuff with lots of RnD data processing/crypto calculation. Topically all run in some form of a containerization setup and mostly everything is happening in memory.

Id love to hear how others would setup a software based RAID1 setup with something like btrfs, zfs, etc. I personally dont have any experience with setting up a system with a software RAID setup before and would love some pointers, tips, advise. I would also love to still have some form of luks cryptosetup with this all too.




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