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[REQUEST] kraft.ui

Hello, first I am not really experienced enough to write PKGBUILD myself, but I'm still willing to help and share wonderful software I encounter in order to make AUR and Arch community a better place. I will try and learn to make those, but not any time soon.

I'm here to ask for help creating and maintaining AUR package for Kraft.ui

kraft.ui - A professional UI prototyping tool for the high-fidelity frontend web and mobile development. UI components can be very modular.

GitHub repo -
Official website and online version -
Prerequisites from GitHub repo(NodeJS):

$ sudo apt install -y nodejs
$ sudo npm i -g n
$ sudo n latest

Latest ready-to-use binary release at the moment of writing this post: … tag/4.6.22

I did not create or help develop this app, just trying to help myself and people who may find it useful.


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