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XFCE ignores icon size setting

For years, ever since XFCE started ignoring the standard gtkrc stuff, the method for setting GTK icon sizes (e.g. for the panel applications menu) has been through xfconf, either via the GUI "Xfconf Editor", or with a command like "xfconf-query -c xsettings -p '/Gtk/IconSizes' -s 'gtk-menu=32,32'". This no longer works: XFCE just ignores all settings here (I've tried various other objects as well as gtk-menu).

I'm guessing this is a GTK2->3 issue, and from Googling, the GTK3 equivalent is allegedly CSS along the lines of "menuitem image { -gtk-icon-transform: scale(2); }", but this doesn't work: instead of displaying the uselessly, invisibly tiny (16px by the looks of things, regardless of what size I set in the panel settings) menu icons at a decent size, it literally scales them instead of replacing the 16px icons with 32px (or 24px or 48px or whatever) icons, it replaces them with the same useless, tiny 16px icons only now scaled up into useless, blurry larger icons. Icon size is a pretty basic setting, so I can't believe it can be missing entirely from GTK3: surely there is some other CSS we can use (or something else we can do) to actually specify the icon size rather than scaling up the incorrectly sized icons...?

If not, and GTK3 simply can't do what GTK2 could, what's my best workaround? I'm tempted to try renaming a bunch of full-sized SVG icons and shoving them into the 16px bitmap folders of an icon theme to try to trick GTK3 into displaying them correctly (with the icon scaling CSS above)...but I doubt that would work, because I'm already using SVG icons for many of my applications (i.e. there are no 16px png icons for them at all, only a single custom SVG icon in .local/share/icons), and yet even these, GTK3 somehow manages to transform into nasty 16 pixel bitmaps (which it then scales up into nasty blurry larger icons). This is a deal-breaker for me so I'll do whatever it takes (e.g. editing the xfce4-panel code or wherever this annoyingly tiny applications menu icon size is defined) if there's no longer a sensible way to specify GTK icon sizes. Although...if downgrading xfce4-panel to a GTK2-based version turns out to be the only way to fix this issue, I guess it might be time to switch to a new DE (or at least a new panel, if there's a better one that plays nicely with the rest of XFCE). I can see a few officially supported DEs there that I've never even tried (Budgie, Deepin, UKUI) and after well over a decade on XFCE it's probably time to give something else a spin.

Any other suggestions (besides scaling up my entire display, making everything else stupidly big, just so that the panel menu icons are a decent size)? Please, someone tell me it's just a case of using the right CSS (something other than gtk-icon-transform), or some other easy fix.


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