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#1 2020-04-11 00:05:26

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Does anyone knows why '$ prime-run steam' stop working?

I think that before yesterday I was able to play games on Steam normally using the command '$ prime-run steam' to launch Steam on my Nvidia graphics card using the proprietary Nvidia driver with the package 'lib32-nvidia-utils' installed. Everything used to work fine. Now I run it and I get stucked on "Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)". Without prime-run it lauches. I read somewhere on the wiki that I can't remember right now but it saids both 'nvidia' and 'lib32-nvidia-utils' have to be at the same version, and just after yesterday they are not. Right now 'nvidia' is 440.82-2 and 'lib32-nvidia-utils' is 440.82-1, as well as the normal 64-bit package 'nvidia-utils'. Do you guys think that the problem might be it?

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Re: Does anyone knows why '$ prime-run steam' stop working?

The last bit of the version will diverge for the nvidia and nvidia-utils packages as the nvidia package needs to be recompiled against every kernel. If the major package versions (in this case 440.82 ) match that is sufficient.

Please post the full terminal output and maybe the contents of the core dump and your xorg log after attempting a prime-run

Also in general it'd probably preferable to add prime-run to the run commands of games that need it instead of running the plain steam client. You'd have the nvidia card active even while not actively playing a game.


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Re: Does anyone knows why '$ prime-run steam' stop working?

Why is there a need to launch the steam client with the dGPU? It's only the game that matters right?

Just launch your steam client, goto properties of the specific game you want to launch with the dGPU and change launch options to the following:

prime-run %command%

CIV6 example with ENV var (crashes without it):

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ prime-run %command%


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