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One monitor appearing low res with a blue tint, both in term and x

Hi, I've encountered a problem where my HDMI monitor  has gotten a strange low-res and blue tint.
The problems started a couple of weeks ago after a system update. However, a rollback changed nothing so that looks to me to be unrelated.
This is on a laptop with integrated intel graphics. I have the f86 intel drivers, though since this problem is present on the terminal without starting xmonad I suspect that's unrelated.
Interestingly, my xrandr-output shows that my HDMI is re-mapped to DP (HDMI1 disconnected, the affected screen is designated DP1), and since this problem seems to be unrelated to X there might be something wrong with an integrated active adapter.
My problem appears similar to this, except my monitor is detected but looks horrible.

The screen works fine if I boot into windows. Changing/reconnecting the cable sometimes solves it temporarily.
Any clues on what I can do to fix this?

Reliably fixed by reconnecting monitor after startup (after uninstalling xf86-video-intel), not really a solution though.

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