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Programs not using nvidia gpu


I updated everything today and, while my nvidia gpu is working because Xorg appears in nvidia-smi, most tasks seem not to go to the gpu. I use kitty (a terminal emulator) which usually would appear in nvidia-smi but it doesn't. If I load Factorio in Steam it goes to the cpu and I get 10 FPS, and yesterday it worked. Previously I was in a Zoom call and the fans were making noise because it was using a ton of cpu, something that I have not seen before. Any ideas? Yesterday I was able to play without any problems and the only difference I can think of is updating. I'm on nvidia 460.32.03-2. Any ideas?

EDIT: I exited Xorg and started it again and now it works, which is surprising to me since I rebooted two times before trying this. Will update if happens again on a fresh start

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