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xdm, nouveau + Laptop on dock with closed laptop lid

Hi there!

After hopefully solving a freezing problem related to xf86-video-intel from here, I'm now running noveau as driver for Xorg.
As display manager, I'm using xdm. When I used xf86-video-intel, xdm showed up on every screen. Now when using nouveau, it only shows up on the main screen, which seems to be the screen of the closed laptop lid of my T460p connected to the docking station, where two further monitors are attached.

I don't see a login dialog, but when I enter them blind, Enlightenment (my DE) starts up.

Any idea what I can do? Can I configure xdm in a way so that is simply appears on every screen? Why is there this difference when xf86-video-intel and nouveau is used?

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