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Installing Python Cadquery?

Cadquery is a python-based CAD package, which I have been using on a Windows machine at work.  It exists in the AUR as python-cadquery-git and python-cq-editor-git (the latter being a standalone editor).  However, my attempt to install them from the AUR result in the error that there are missing dependencies: python-logzero and python-cymbal.  In fact I've installed both logzero and cymbal using pip - when I tried to install python-logzero from the AUR I got the error:

:: Unable to find a built tarball for python-logzero


Somewhere there are instructions about installing cadquery using snap; this requires installing snap; adjusting the kernel parameters to use AppArmor, and rebooting.  Which seems like a lot of work for one Python package!

All the online instructions for installing cadquery seem to use the package manager conda, Since I already have a fully working python system all I need is the package manager base, which is installed with miniconda3, of which the version in the AUR is given as "Out of date".  The miniconda page itself has Linux installation packages for Python 3.7 and Python 3.8, but not for Python 3.9, which I am now running.

If anybody has some information about installing cadquery on a recently updated Arch system, I'd be thrilled to know about it!    I think this is the first time ever that I have found Windows easier for a programming task than Linux - and I've been using Linux since kernel 0.99, and when Slackware was distributed on floppy disks.


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Re: Installing Python Cadquery?

First off, installing things with pip won't satisfy deps for pacman packages. I really hope you didn't do it as root, or you made a mess.
The error you mention didn't come from makepkg. How were you building the package?


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Re: Installing Python Cadquery? … r/cadquery … dquery-git


pacman -Si python-pytest
pacman -Si python-typing_extensions
pacman -Si ipython

Are those dependencies installed?

In fact I've installed both logzero and cymbal using pip

Don't use pip with arch. Make a PKGBUILD.


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