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#1 2021-02-07 13:37:38

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ArchISO feature request: better error message for insufficient RAM

The wiki "Installation guide" already lists that live system booting needs more then 512 of RAM. Wiki doesn't list the amount needed.

The issue that LiveCD doesn't start with 512 MiB was introduced with archlinux-2020.03.01-x86_64.iso

Most often this issue occurs with VM's, where the assigned amount of RAM is assigned too low:

GenkiSky wrote:

I know the error message "Initramfs unpacking failed: write error" is not obvious, but it is easily searchable online smile. You will find people suggesting to give qemu more ram (see -m flag in manpage), it "only" has default 128 mb.

It would be nice if there is a more user friendly message for the "Arch Live CD" that there is insufficient RAM to run the live CD. It will already help to pause boot progress right after the "Initramfs unpacking failed: write error" to give that error message more focus.


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Re: ArchISO feature request: better error message for insufficient RAM

ArchIso has its own project in our Bug tracker, check … x&switch=1

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