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Using distcc pump with makechrootpkg from devtools

Is is possible to use distcc pump in a buildroot created with devtools' mkarchroot and building with makechrootpkg?  If so how does one start it within the buildroot?

This issue is that within the buildroot, /usr/bin/pump has to be running.  That requires two conditions:
1) A bogus DISTCC_HOSTS setup in the environment vars
2) Literally running `eval pump --startup` from within the container

I tried this via a script installed to /path/to/chroot/user/usr/bin/ which simply contains:

export DISTCC_HOSTS="localhost,cpp,lzo"
eval `pump --startup`

But running that throws an error:

% arch-nspawn /scratch/armc8/facade/
__________Expected a socket at '/tmp/distcc-pump.jKQ3Vj/socket'

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