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Re: Low performance integrated graphics after installing 'nvidia'

Options were:

- Prime-renderer - which sounds annoying, like I said
- Bumblebee - wiki says it has "significant performance issues" and says to check out Optimus for alternatives
- Nvidia-xrun - which sounds like more or less what optimus-manager automates
- optimus-manager - AUR package

I think maybe we should outline the actual process for each one and see what your definition of "not annoying" really is because it seems to me that you're not too clear on each still (regardless of getting optimus-manager to work or not):

- Prime-render Offload (e.g., prime-run applicationname): Run applicationname using the NVidia GPU, supports Vulkan, better performance but maybe not best.
- Bumblebee (e.g., primus-run applicationname): Run applicationname using the NVidia GPU, does not support Vulkan, big performance hit.
- nvidia-xrun (e.g., start your WM with nvidia-xrun, run applicationname the "normal" way by just typing applicationname): requires changing VTs, logging in, launching a WM and then finally running the application. Better performance, longer process to get from A to B initially as well as back to A again.
- optimus-manager (e.g., optimus-manger --switch): You get logged out, you get switched to the NVidia card, you log back in, start Xorg, applicationname runs on the discrete video card. Better performance, longer process to get from A to B initially as well as back to A again.

Our opinions may differ on annoying as well as trust when it comes to certain AUR packages (I've never personally used optimus-manager but not due to trust, I was already using nvidia-xrun by the time optimus-manager was first released and didn't feel the need to change).

IMO, the shortest path to the best result is what I like. For me this is Prime-render Offload. It's supported and works. I just prepend the application with prime-run. Or if I'm feeling extra feisty I use gamemoderun prime-run applicationname since I have Feral's Game Mode installed to eek out more performance (I actually made a script for it so I can either scriptname applicationname to run on NVidia or applicationname | scriptname  if I need to use pipes.

Running one command instead of doing the whole logout, login-with-potentially-a-different-window-manager (I use i3wm for my main WM and also used it for nvidia-xrun with a separate config) method just doesn't seem "easy" to me. It actually seems annoying.

With the above interpretation of what you'd like to do, I vote Prime-render Offload.


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