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Weird behavior of the thunderbolt docking station

Hi, I posted this message on reddit but I had no luck in replies, so I also try here.

I have a System76 Lemur Pro laptop and Kensington docking station (with Thunderbolt 3 interface). I really like both of those. However, I am experiencing the following behavior:

1.    I usually start with laptop connected to the docking station (for power delivery, along with two monitors, mouse and keyboard all through the docking station).

2.   I undock the laptop for a while.

3.   Few seconds later journalctl (filtering kernel) shows this

kernel: thunderbolt 0000:00:0d.2: can't suspend (nhi_runtime_suspend [thunderbolt] returned -110)
kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: MainThread/19291 took a split_lock trap at address: 0x7f792b16f23e
kernel: x86/split lock detection: #AC: MainThread/19304 took a split_lock trap at address: 0x7f077126f23e

4.    I plug the docking station again. 90% of the times what I experience is that both power delivery and external monitors work properly, while the usb hub (keyboard and mouse) doesn't. Unplugging and replugging the laptop doesn't change the outcome. Unplugging and replugging keyboard/mouse doesn't change anything: the hub is not visible in `lsusb`. Unfortunately, when I am in that situation it doesn't work it won't until I reboot, which is really annoying. No special message is visible in the journal.
4.b. Usually, doing the same test but with the laptop unplugged only for few seconds, doesn't produce that issue: it works as expected.

Do you have any ideas? Any place in the logs which can reveal more details? Not sure if it's important, but I have latest kernel (zen, but I think it happened also with standard kernel).


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