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Unable to use OpenCV with CMake in IDE - VisualStudioCode

Hello to everyone,
i'm writing here in hope that someone can help me with the configuration of OpenCV with an IDE (CLion in my case).
Basically i've installed OpenCv (packages opencv, opencv-samples) and i've tried doing some little experiments; i've written a simple program with vim, compiled from the terminal and everything just works fine.
However i'm not able to make it work through CLion (Visual Studio code neither) because the CMake is not able to find the "OpenCVConfig.cmake" file withing the path.

So i've set "OpenCV_DIR=/usr/lib/cmake/opencv4" (which contains the Config needed) and nothing changes, still unable to find such a configuration file.

Anyone can help me?
i'm supposing that the files in /usr/lib/... cannot be read by programs, but it seems a little strange to me.


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