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apperent lags and sluggishness in dell vostro laptop

OK, so I am having some issues with my Arch install. I have a Dell Vostro 3580, with Intel core i5-8265U and Intel UHD Graphics 620  whiskey lake, 12 GB RAM, no swap and using 1TB HDD for home and 240 GB SSD for root configured in EFI
Lately I have noticed some weird "lags": ie some stuttering, dropped frames,laggy animations , on all DEs and WMs. I have narrowed it down to the following possible causes
1. It seems that whenever the frequency reaches the minimum  (~700MHz) the system begins to lag and stutter.
2. perhaps an incorrectly configured GPU?
the things I have tried:
use both xf86-video-intel and modesetting: not much difference ,
configured various i915 boot parameters to no avail
Last I remember, the system was really smooth with kernel 5.4 LTS, but no difference btw kernel 5.11 and 5.10 LTS
also fedora 32 would run really well, but a fresh install of 33 with newer kernel caused some similar sluggishness when CPU reaching idle
also I tried setting governor to performance, which makes a night and day difference which makes me believe its something to do with incorrect CPU/GPU scaling , but battery life is hit and  more fan noise :(
any help on what can be done?

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