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[TLP 1.4 alpha] Battery Wear Control Non-ThinkPads -- Call for testers

Hi all,

TLP has supported charge control thresholds for ThinkPads since the beginning. With release 1.4 support will be extended to laptops from selected other vendors for which a corresponding driver already exists in the Linux kernel:

  • ASUS Laptops

  • Huawei MateBooks

  • Lenovo laptops (i.e. all Non-ThinkPads like Ideapads, Lenovo Legion, Lenovo series)

  • Samsung Laptops

Since I don't own any of the newly supported laptops, I'm reaching out to the Arch community of TLP users with a request to test the new functionality on their hardware.

Testers proceed here please.

ThinkPad users are welcome too
In the course of the added hardware support, the code for ThinkPad charge thresholds also had to be restructured and I would like to know if regressions occur.

So feel free to use the alpha version from the AUR on your favorite ThinkPads and report here in the thread if charge thresholds and recalibration still work as usual:

Please provide the output of (as root):

tlp-stat -s -c -b

Goodie for ThinkPads from 2012 onwards (X220/T420 et al.): you can now set the startup threshold to 0 and thus disable it. The drivers have always been able to do that, only TLP did not know about it.
Btw. tlp start now also complains if not both thresholds are configured.

What is TLP?
See the official docs.

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Re: [TLP 1.4 alpha] Battery Wear Control Non-ThinkPads -- Call for testers

Test coverage is still incomplete, more testers are welcome.

Is there something holding you back?

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