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Inspector Parrot
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Re: Weaver: a socket controlled web browser

I've really not had much time to work on this (though I'm using it constantly).  I see I did screw up the "list" command.  For some reason I was thinking of renaming the command and changed it in the main code but not the help output.  I fixed that.  List works again, but with the new approach it only gives window ids which can then be fed back to weaver, e.g.:

weaver :list | while read xid; do weaver -w $xid '=location.href+"\t"+document.title'; done

I also added output for any unknown command.

Right now the only commands that accept any other arguments are 'ua' and 'profile'.  I've been thinking about expanding download abilities, and including a stop command could be a good part of that.  I'd like to implement restarting downloads if weaver is exited in the middle of a long-running download.  It's happened a few times now that I've been downloading a large file, and also working on weaver's code which results in my restarting it to test changes.  This currently results in the download stopping, but a .download partial file remains.

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