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#1 2021-04-30 13:44:39

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parole media player can't save playlist

I'm using Xfce desktop with parole media player, after updates I opened a few music with it and chose

 Media -> Save Playlist... 

In the pop-up window box, I renamed my m3u playlist, selected folder and clicked "save". However, as I returned to my folder, I couldn't find the playlist I saved before. I tried several times and failed, then I confirmed it didn't saved my playlist.

I thought it was file permission problem, so I tried to create a folder with current user and

chmod 777 my-folder

Restart parole , open musics, save playlist there, and it failed too. Now I believe this is a bug from software itself.

Currently I can't provide any details, running parole in xfce4-terminal didn't show any error log. Hence I show the bug here, waiting for it to be fixed neutral


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