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#1 2021-04-26 07:22:48

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Firefox WebRTC no Microphone errors, but also no Signal


I'm unable to get firefox + bigbluebutton to run on any of my archlinux machines. I pinned the problem to WebRTC not being able to get a signal from the microphone. The microphone does work in audacity, though - for example.

I had a look at the firefox page in the wiki and tried to get something useful from the log.

The only thing, I see there, is, that it seems to get all input devices muted:

[Child 466627: Main Thread]: D/MediaManager GetUserMedia: starting post enumeration promise2 success callback!
[Child 466627: Main Thread]: D/MediaManager OnCameraMute for all windows
[Child 466627: Main Thread]: D/MediaManager OnMicrophoneMute for all windows

But I'm not sure, that this is the real issue or how to solve it.

Any ideas?



#2 2021-05-01 15:57:04

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Re: Firefox WebRTC no Microphone errors, but also no Signal

Unfortunately, no solution. But I can confirm, there is a problem with Firefox v88.0 and bigbluebutton not being able to access the microphone anymore (ICE error/error 1004).

Jitsi works just fine and so does WebRTC Troubleshooter.

Rolling back to Firefox v87.x sort of "fixes" the problem (no problems with BBB there).


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