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#1 2021-05-04 07:49:58

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Acorn TV works with Edge but not with Google Chrome or Firefox

I signed up for a trial subscription of streaming content with Acorn TV but I am unable to  stream content via my Archlinux browsers Google Chrome or Firefox. All I get is an infinite circular cursor going round and round. However I can play the streams with Microsoft Edge in virtual machine so the actual streams are OK. I have a feeling the issue stems from my linux setup. Note that I'm using the proprietary google-chrome from AUR.

I have tried clearing my caches and logging in and out of my account but doesn't have any effect.

The site uses the Brightcove player if that info has any bearing with the problem.

Does anyone have any idea why I'm having this streaming problem?


#2 2021-05-21 19:26:15

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Re: Acorn TV works with Edge but not with Google Chrome or Firefox

I've been struggling with a similar problem for a friend who has had a paid subscription to Acorn TV for over three years. After "an upgrade to improve our video player" in March 2021 she could no longer play any episodes in a browser on her Linux laptop. Trailers were not an issue but she too got the infinite circular cursor if she tried to view the content she was paying for.

We worked in detail with Acorn support to try to resolve the issue but with little or no comprehension on their part; indeed we are still waiting for a fix from them.

Running a virtual Windows 10 machine with Edge works well enough and is very little hassle really but we've now found a simpler solution.

I've tested Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Edge for Linux and Brave and they all work if you simply add a User Agent Switcher extension. There are many options available, just pick one that appeals to you. I opted mostly for a setup that reports the browser as being Chrome on Windows 10 as the User Agent but many other options seemed reliable too.

The simplest solution for my friend was to install a new browser and set it up solely for Acorn TV use.

It is equally possible to configure your favourite browser to use the switcher just when it accesses the Acorn site. There are useful background videos available from the usual sources to explain the User Agent concept if it is unfamiliar to you.

It's all been a rather unnecessary frustration but so far this fix is working well and allows my friend to enjoy her TV content again.

I have a feeling that there may be more interesting Linux stuff to be gleaned from this whole exercise and would welcome any more knowledgeable input or any pointers towards a more elegant solution.


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