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#1 2021-05-04 23:08:11

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Xen domU on BTRFs configuration problem

Hi!,I' ve installed succesfully ARCH on a xeon server with BTRFS as main filesystem. Also xen is working (xen-git) but I cannot figure out the right way to add a DomU on btrfs. I' ve tried phy: on a subvolume without success. I understand that a subvol is not a block device. Is there a way to pass to xen_domu.cfg to use it?. I know I can use a raw disk image but i prefer not (i have another server with xen+lvm volume groups and everything works fine). Can this be achieved with btrfs/subvolumes?
Thanks in advance Martin


#2 2021-05-15 00:37:22

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Re: Xen domU on BTRFs configuration problem

I'm still looking into this myself, but on the xl.cfg(5) man page: … cfg.5.html, under Direct Kernel Boot, it looks like you can use a regular "root=" line that could include the "subvolume=" option, if I understand it right.

When I try it, I will report back.


#3 2022-01-11 12:15:57

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Re: Xen domU on BTRFs configuration problem

Hey I need to setup the same, any progress in using the `Direct Kernel Boot` ?


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