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What is


I've been an Arch user since 2017. Definitely, I am totally not a 'social' person. I don't use forums, quit (read = detoxed from) social networks in the last 2 years, so excuse me if my first post is not a presentation.

Going straight to the point...

I'm using pi.hole ( to monitor and block ads/malwares on my network. It's a great way to also see all the DNS call made 'under-the-hood'. So far, I noticed that - from pi.hole admin webpage - was on top of the most resolved domains.

Not having found any information on it on this forum, nor anywhere else, I decided to block it. I did it LESS than 6 hours ago, and this is the result:

876 queries.

Question time. clearly state that it's being used for 'network testing', but does not go into details. Can please someone explain exactly a) what program/service is trying to 'call home'? b) What is the exact reason for this? All is working fine since I blocked it. What is the advantage of having my distro call every 10s~ or so?


PS: actually I found this … nnectivity, still is not clear to my why is necessary.

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Re: What is

Welcome to the forums scararch smile

What don't you understand in the wiki page that you linked to?

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Re: What is

That is the network manager equivalent of
You can disable it as stated by the wiki.

In the essence, its a connectivity checker, like the archlinux ntp servers are for ntp.
And is a simple checker, curl `` says it pretty clearly.

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Re: What is

NetworkManager primarily uses that to determine whether your system connects through a portal[1] where you have to login to access internet or has a direct connection .

For a system that always has a direct connection it's not needed.

NetworkManager seems to be the only network management tool in archlinux repos that does this, you could switch to another tool.

[1] a few examples of such portals
university network
public wifi on airport
hotel network

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Re: What is

NetworkManager does two things with this check. First it detects portals, second it detects if the network is restricted to a local LAN or has internet connectivity. For some reason NM think it has to check that so often to update the status icon...

Lone_Wolf wrote:

NetworkManager seems to be the only network management tool in archlinux repos that does this

connman has portal detection as well. … rc/wispr.c /

you could switch to another tool.

Or just disable the check in networkmanager, but for a stationary system dhcpcd or systemd-networkd will be just fine.

By the way, browsers do it as well: Firefox has built in portal detection. I imagine Chromium does it, too.

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