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#1 2021-05-26 20:19:54

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Grub don't show windows on dual drive setup.

Hi! Until today I was running my system with only one SSD loaded with Windows 10. This afternoon I've installed last Arch distribution on a second SSD but now the problem is that when I reboot I can only find Arch Linux option in GRUB.
No way to make windows appear. I've tried to mount windows disk and launch os-prober in terminal without any success: no windows system was found.
I also tried to take a look at grub.cfg and obviusly there's no windows part in it.


#2 2021-06-14 17:59:34

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Re: Grub don't show windows on dual drive setup.

Hello !
Try to mount the boot partition and see if Windows booter exists.

sudo fdisk -l

and search for partition with type EFI System. The device name sould start like this: /dev/sdXN with X the letter corresponding to the disk and N the number of the partition.
Try to mount the partition with

sudo mount /dev/sdXN /efi

. Now, the partition act like a directory and you can explore it. Search for the directory EFI/Microsoft, if it exists, the Windows booter was not overrided.

Tell me the result of these commands smile


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