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How can I cancle the alsamixer's loopback module's noise?

Greetings everyone!

The subject almost says it all. The solutions i found online helped with "echo" canceling on my mic in. But at the same time, i need my line in to be played through headphone jack, so i have to turn on the loopback module.
The closest thing i found to my static noise problem was … headphones which basically just says "turn off loopback, it will fix the problem unless you need the loopback module"
Now the question arises: how can i remove that static noise with loopback module on?

(i have no clue why, but i didn't have that static noise the first day I installed my arch, then was busy setting my arch up a few days so i didn't notice when the static noise came back and which package/service could possibly affect it. but im sure i had the same issue on ubuntu and had to give up on loopback entirely)


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