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#1 2021-07-03 21:47:49

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Sound issues on ASUS zenbook UX425E

Hi! I'll cut to the chase.

All hardware sound devices are not detected. The internal speaker, the internal microphone and speakers connected through HDMI. Bluetooth and sound through thunderbolt works fine.

No sound cards found using aplay -l or pacmd list-cards.

The touchpad LEDs and the "buttons" on the trackpad don't work either. But It's nothing I'll lose any sleep over.

I've had all of these issues on ubuntu, kali and arch.

Any help is appreciated!


#2 2021-07-23 17:55:17

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Re: Sound issues on ASUS zenbook UX425E

Hey, I have just bought this laptop and had to do the following to enable sound:

pacman -S sof-firmware

Furthermore, added the following to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

options snd-hda-intel model=laptop

However, I don't seem to be able to mae the microphone work. Did you do anything specific to enable it?

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