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GPU hang ecode 9:1:85dffffb on Optimus laptop

Hello guys, i had to reinstall Arch with KDE due to this same bug. It would freeze xorg randomly, but tty worked fine. It seemed that reinstalling had helped, but i am back on square one. I am getting gpu hangs with that ecode, yesterday i installed the nvidia drivers, bbswitch dkms git, and nvidia dkms and it worked fine, but today i get that ecode hang. This is a i5 6300hq, hd530+gtx 960m asus gl552vw laptop. Relevant Grub kernel options are: nouveau.modeset=0 acpi_osi! acpi_osi='Windows 2009' idle=nomwait. Kernel is 5.11, nvidia driver vrrsions is the 460 branch. I even tried the LTS kernel to no avail. Disabled compositor to no avail. KDE would also fail to register brightness changes on screen or keyboard when using hotkeys. No brightness slider on screen, but the brightness would go up/down. Adjusting the slider refreshes the current brightness and adjusts it. I remember on older kernels or KDE versions this worked fine. If you need more info do tell me, i am writing from my phone.

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Re: GPU hang ecode 9:1:85dffffb on Optimus laptop

Same problem here with Manjaro kernel 5.10

GPU HANG: ecode 9:1:85dfbfff, in Xorg

nvidia-prime 1.0-4
nvidia-dkms 465.31


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