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BLE keyboard isn't pairing well on arch

Hello there ! i just recently bought this keyboard and i was so excited to use it along with my linux machine but i realized that i couldnt connect it properly, i put it in pairing mode and it kept one of the lights turn on and off, i did tried to connect it through blueman and through bluetoothctl console without any results, i do still "connect the keyboard" because the console changes from "bluetooth" to "BLE keyboard" but after the light of my keyboard that was on and off goes completely off the console comes back to "bluetooth", i did try everything that you can get from the arch wiki (like the Bluetooth keyboard wiki and the part of the bluetooth wiki that says that i should erase the IdentityResolvingKey ...) without any success. Also i did read forums and the only thing i could gather was the errors that was throwing the bluetooth service :

Jul 14 00:55:59 sibylle bluetoothd[13919]: src/device.c:gatt_debug() Failed to register handler for "Service Changed"
Jul 14 00:55:59 sibylle bluetoothd[13919]: src/device.c:gatt_debug() Failed to initialize gatt-client
Jul 14 00:55:59 sibylle bluetoothd[13919]: src/device.c:gatt_client_ready_cb() status: failed, error: 10
Jul 14 00:55:59 sibylle bluetoothd[13919]: src/device.c:device_svc_resolved() /org/bluez/hci0/dev_E5_E7_58_6A_A5_2D err -5

in all honesty, i don't know what else to do, i do think that perhaps could it be the battery because of this other error that i could gather from the blueman-manager:

blueman-manager 22.51.50 WARNING  DeviceList:193 monitor_power_levels: Failed to get power levels, probably a LE device.

i also am running the bluetooth service with this flags:

/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd -ndE -P battery

and i do have in the main.conf with the "ControllerMode = le"

so yeah, that's it , thank you in advance for all the support that you can give me !

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