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Parsing errors in DokuWiki with pcre2-10.37-1

Upgrading pcre2 to version 10.37-1 generates parsing errors in my DokuWiki server.

The errors observed are create with double character markers [[ {{ used to delimit web addresses and include fields.

After downgrading pcre2 to former version 10.36-1, rendering is OK

Note: known problem on DokuWiki Forum: … rrectly/28

- dokuwiki 20200729-3
- apache 2.4.48-1
- php7, php7-apache 7.14.21-1


1.  the syntax for an external addresse is:
[[http://mywebserver/mydokuwiki|My DokuWiki]]

and should render as:
My DokuWiki

with pcre2-10.37, rendering is different following position in text:
- when positioned on beginning of a line, rendering is OK:
- after one or more characters: [[http://mywebserver/mydokuwiki|My DokuWiki]]
- after a bullet, rendering is OK

2. internal addresses as [[other_page]] are NOT recognized as address

3. other errors affect double-character markers as {{ ** //

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