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Proton games not responding or working stuck at "preparing to launch"

So i posted this on reddit so i am just copying the text to save time:

Since a few days i have been trying to play games and only native games are working, the other games i am trying to play with proton (mirror's edge and warframe) are not working, there is no error nothing it just shows preparing to launch the game and it stays there while my laptop overheats (dell g3 3500) and surprisingly hdd is overheating.

help? i am frustrated and tempted to use windows on dual boot (concerned about privacy that is what is stopping me from doing it and vim and emacs too btw). I am kinda frustrated so.... yeah

edit after some cool deep breadths lol: i have tried reinstalling steam, wine, nvidia drivers, proton-6.3 and experimental, even lxsession for some odd reason just in case, i tried browsing through forums but nothing worked, even proton-GE.

edit: Also my hdd starts heating up if i leave it at "preparing to launch"

Thank you

and here is the original post in case some discussion happens there: … &context=3 .

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