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#1 2021-07-22 11:46:07

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I try to close the last window and xmonad freezes


I am running ARCH rolling and was hoping someone could help with this problem;

I have installed (through pacman) xmonad, xmonad-contrib and dmenu and created the necessary xmonad.hs by using the latest darcs template from the Xmonad/Config archive.

So the first thing I did was open up multiple windows using dmenu, by the way I have not installed xmobar.

All goes well until I start to close them down using mod+shift+c.

I get to the last window and all freezes, and the keyboard does not respond either.

A few seconds later the mouse cursor can move again and the dmenu is back, and so is the ability to open up other windows.

Any ideas or help is appreciated in advance.


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