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why pacman has an older kernel than the one archlinux mirrors have

Hi, I'm new to kernel compilation and I decided to start compiling every new kernel instead of letting pacman upgrade it

today I saw that there is a new kernel to install (5.13.4.arch2-1) but when I went to download it from I found that there was a linux-5.13.5 kernel, why is the pacman one on version behind ? I'm guessing 5.13.5 is not stable yet (?)

also the way I'm preventing pacman from update the kernel is to add the linux package in the IgnorePkg group in `/etc/pacman.conf`, can this have any bad repercussions on my system ? if yes is there a better way to do this ?

thanks in advance

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Re: why pacman has an older kernel than the one archlinux mirrors have hosts the (the upstream of the linux package) tarballs it is not an archlinux mirror.

You could change your kernel package to a different name.


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Re: why pacman has an older kernel than the one archlinux mirrors have

To extend what loqs said: 5.13.5 is in fact the stable release, but it has been just released. Less than a dozen hours before you posted you question. Maintainers are already working on it (as they always do) and it will be released when they think it’s ready to be released.

If the 5.13.5 contains some bugfixes that are critical to you, you may build the kernel yourself, following loqs’ naming suggestion (e.g. call it linux-daa). You may also build it under the official name with pkgrel less than 1. This way it will be automatically updated when the official package is available. In such a case please stick a note to your display, reminding you the kernel package is not the official one and do not hide that fact while asking for support.

If some package is behind the upstream for a long time (≥weeks) and you have relevant experience, you may contact maintainers and offer your help in fixing the existing issue.

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