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Silo: launcher menu with explosive potential (Wayland / X11)

Silo is a highly customizable and scriptable launcher menu for Wayland or X11. Silo's functionality revolves around it's concept of prefixes. Prefixes are simply a user defined set of characters or strings that, when present at the start of the text in the bar, change Silo's behavior. Each prefix can provide it's own completion options and can result in different behavior when an entry is confirmed.

Example scripts for a variety of prefixes are provided in the examples directory of the source repository. These include prefixes for opening web pages with tab-completion suggestions from a list of preferred pages or "quickmarks", for running commands in a terminal with completion suggestions of available binaries in your $PATH, for executing .desktop files, for doing quick calculations, and even a simple quick spell-checker you can use if you're stuck on a word.

Silo came out of a personal need as I transitioned to wayland and found the existing menus to be a bit limited.  Bemenu is often cited as the wayland equivalent of dmenu, but bemenu cannot be arbitrarily positioned (only "top" or "bottom").  Silo can be positioned anywhere on the screen, styled, scripted, and used for a wide range of purposes.  Silo also inherited most of the goals and some of the logic (but none of the code) from my previous X11-only launcher "Interrobang".

Silo is not meant to be a drop-in replacement for dmenu.  Silo works differently; it can very readily mimic the functionality of dmenu, and with the base scripts properly placed in your config directory, this will be it's default behavior.  But it can also do a whole lot more (as exemplified by the other example scripts).

Learn more on the project page:

Or get it from the AUR:

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