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#1 2020-02-18 21:34:40

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Pacoloco - caching proxy for Arch Linux repos

Hello folks, I would like to present a project and hopefully some of you find it useful.

Pacoloco, a caching proxy for Arch Linux repositories. It can be useful for situations when multiple Arch users are connected with a fast local network but access to an Arch mirror is expensive or limited. In this case it is desirable to minimize the amount of files to download from the Internet and share as much as possible locally.

Pacoloco is a caching proxy server. It acts as if it was a real up-to-date Arch mirror. But it does not clone all the packages in advance. It downloads the files on demand, the first time a file is requested by a local user. Then it saves the file to the cache. From now on it serves these files locally.

Please check the project page here and install the server using this AUR package

Read it before posting
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#2 2021-09-06 15:14:46

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Re: Pacoloco - caching proxy for Arch Linux repos

This looks fantastic. Since pacman has broken my previous solution ( … only_cache), I look forward to trying this solution.

Thank you for your efforts!



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