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xmodmap changes by anonymous


I am running i3 which starts from LightDM. My problem is that after some time some unknow daemon (not in a technical sense!) changes my xmodmap that is set by the Xsession. It works right after logging into i3 but after some unspecific time my bindings have changed. After running xmodmap <xmpadmap-file> on the commandline it works again ... and changed again by "something". It's really annoying. I don't have any clue where to find any loggings:
-  Xorg.0.log
- ~/.xsession-errors
- lightdm.log

don't show any messages about it.


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Re: xmodmap changes by anonymous

If the keyboard dis- and reconnects (usb autosuspend?) it will be re-added by the server and anything xmodmap be lost (though I presume this event would be logged in the Xorg log)
Likewise every setxkbmap call will nuke xmodmap augmentations.


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